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David Carlisle <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 14:02:42 GMT
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> And let other europeans continue to use the --mltex
> option of web2c while they don't need more for their default format.

As far as I can recall we've only ever had one or two requests to
for latex to support mltex rather than T1 encoding with standard tex
"out of the box". So I've always assumed mltex usage was very low, even
in Europe (we get a lot of comments about font encoding issues from
people in mainland Europe, it's not just that I happen to live on an
island). Of course if people want to use mltex it's there, and latex can
use it (as I suppose it does in your distribution, which is fair

> I don't say that the solution is not going via virtual fonts;
> i just say that quality is not sufficient at this time

Hmm this is interesting, but not something I was aware of.
I knew some people were not happy with some of the shapes of "new"
glyphs in ec, but I thought that the vf files put the accents just where
TeX would have put them (and that mltex did the same). If you say that
the current vf files don't do that I believe you (my English eye isn't too
sensitive to accent positioning:-) But more interesting to me is to know
whether any differences are due to technical abilities of the two
systems or whether they are just different design choices by the authors
of the vf fonts.

>  i think to accent placement made dynamically by the output driver on
>  the basis of \special commands

Unless I am totally confused, that isn't what mltex does, is it?

> Clearly i refuse any solution which would give me, defaultly,
> a less quality output,

Fair enough. Getting quality output is of course the aim of the game.

>  due to the default (v)fonts in use.

As I say above I'd be interested to know whether you think this is due
to inherent features of the vf mechanism, or just a correctable defect
in the vf fonts currently available.

Also to give me a helping hand, what to look out for if comparing
cmr-with-mltex v ec v ae.


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