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Ulrich Dirr <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 09:42:42 +0200
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As Chris Rowley (from the has suggested to me I'll
sending my last two mails (seperately) to this list ...

I've tried to use xinitials in one of my recent projects (with several
packages loaded). I experienced some strange behavior. I used a test file





\chapter{Zur Geschichte}

  initial-font    =
  parshape-list   = {0pt,0pt,0pt,0pt},
  v-adjust        = 0pt,
  h-adjust        = -10pt,
  text-sep        = 2pt,]
in der Mitte des 19.~Jahrhunderts galt die Wahl der französischen
\mbox{Verteidigung} hauptsächlich als Versuch, der umfangreichen Theorie
der offenen Spiele nach |1. e4 e5| zu entkommen: In der
damaligen »Eröffnungsbibel«, dem Handbuch von
\textsc{Bilguer}\Index{Bilguer} von 1843 stehen etwa 300~Seiten über
mögliche Spielanfänge nach |1. e4 e5| ungefähr 40~Seiten mit dem gesamten
Rest gegenüber! Die Züge |1. ... e6| und |1. ... c5| fallen hier unter die
Gattung der »unregelmäßigen Anfänge« -- bemerkenswerterweise werden beide(!)
Züge als Französisch benannt, »da sie von den französischen Spielern
besonders häufig angewendet werden«. [...]


As you can see a macro file winawer.sty is loaded which itself loads the
following packages:


Everything compiled without an error except that \label{Dokumentende}
is not recognized (not written to the .aux file). (Why?)

When trying to use it with the complete source file I get ***different***
typeset output (on later pages). Also the index is now typeset with
justification, which is not the case without xinitials (of course with a
bunch of underfull \hboxes).

I don't know why xinitials produces different output?

I will update my TeX system and LaTeX2e and I will look at this test again.


Postscriptum: It's the same with the new TeX system and actual LaTeX2e
And now I'm experiencing a new strange behavior as my baseline grid setup
(via PSTricks) moved about 2.5in to the left!

PPS: I know there're many packages loaded! I think I will try to reduce this
in my test file as much as possible.
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Ulrich Dirr
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