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Robin Fairbairns <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 21:26:02 +0100
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> At 10.02 +0100 0-09-28, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
> >> (Are all these things really sound on this list?)
> >
> >of course they're not; they have absolutely nothing to do with the
> >development of latex, and would be better dealt with on comp.text.tex
> ...
> >we (the latex team) are unlikely to schedule work on bugs that aren't
> >in our database.  people with bugs (rather than infelicities such as
> >the present problem) should use ...
> \def\them{LaTeX development team}
> It is of course up to \them to define the rules of this list as they please.
> But generally, the question which standard headers one should have and what
> ought to be in them use to be discussed in the Usenet news comp std groups
> for say the C/C++ languages. So if similar principles apply to LaTeX, the
> prospects of a 8renc.sty file in say the LaTeX base distribution appears to
> belong here. (But discussions on how to get around the absence of such a
> file practically belong somewhere else. :-) )

i'm afraid you're wrong.  \we (before my time) set up this list as a
means to discuss the future of latex in the development of latex 3.
some time back, i suspect before you were on the scene, there was
another mailing list for discussing the development of latex 2e; that
list has now been closed --- the decisions about what's to be in 2e
have all been made long since.  anything that's definitely missing
from the conception of of latex2e may be a candidate for a bug report
(category: change request), but creating a random new encoding
structure within latex for apparent symmetry's sake doesn't meet my
metric of "definitely missing".

8r is an intermediate encoding developed to facilitate mapping between
knuth's dotty ot1 encoding and the cork meeting's dotty t1 encoding,
and adobe's standard encoding (8a in tex terms).  no-one rationally
uses it for any other purpose.  that there are some latex control
files relating to it is probably (walter schmidt may choose to correct
me) an accident of the way the psnfss metrics are generated.

if you want a more nearly rational encoding, i would strongly
recommend investigating ly1, for which a full set of bits and pieces
is to be found on the archives, written for and placed in the public
arena by[*], y&y.

Robin Fairbairns, Cambridge

[*] i don't actually recall the licensing conditions, but since the
stuff is in tetex it's certainly some sort of free licence.