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Lars Hellström <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 14 Apr 2001 19:21:35 +0200
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At 22.17 +0200 2001-04-13, Frank Mittelbach wrote:
> > Despite my not knowing whether the release of a new LaTeX2e*-y package is
> > that much to mention anymore
>yes please, mention it, it looks great though I'm a bit horrified to see that
>somebody really attempted to let galley2 loose on the world :-)

Well, so far I've only let it loose on doc.dtx and the LaTeX2e sources, and
neither came out looking worse than the average text you see coming out of
a word processor. :-)  It has only been there because xhj needs it though,
and I've only been setting the justification, so I suspect that the things
you've done for the frontmatter stuff could serve just as well.

But speaking about the justification ...  I'm effectively making a hanging
indentation by giving leftskip and rightskip nonzero natural widths, rather
than by using any of the higher layer settings. This works fine but I
suspect it would confuse quite a lot of code if used in a more general
context, so it might need some thought. Maybe justification shouldn't be
allowed to give these nonzero natural widths? [I'm not really expecting an

>as I said in the mail the other day, I really don't consider that package
>being "usable" in a real practical sense. But if you prove me wrong, so much
>the better.

Neither do I, but I wonder how much code it would take to have it "active"
only in parts of a document (like e.g. the frontmatter) so that the
formatting in the rest of the document could be controlled by old code? If
it isn't that much then it could be a good idea to have a go at it, as it
would make full scale experiments with the package much less unattractive.

> > Frank's mail the other day sounded like at least template and something
> > like xhj was fairly close to getting properly released, and I would
> > consider that a Good Thing.
>so would I but I leave updating template.dtx to other David or others (for the
>moment at least) and like you work within its limits.
>seems I gaveyou the wrong impression: what is going to be released before May
>is a fromt matter package (and perhaps with it a simple xhj version that works
>without galley2 so that i don't run into problems using the frontmatter
>package in the real world :-)

As I wrote above, that simple xhj version may be quite adequate for the
needs of docindex.

> > I'd still like to announce the availability of my own docindex/docidx2e
> > package, which can be found on CTAN in macros/latex/exptl/xdoc/ since about
> > a day.
>for some reason the xdocdemo.tex file the readme talks about is not on CTAN
>(though the ftp search has it in its cache)

Appearently Robin removed it without my asking him to. I've written to him
about it.