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Hans Aberg <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 14:14:09 +0200
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Matthew Swift <[log in to unmask]>:
>There are benefits to the original \include system, but they are not
>so great that others should not be considered.  The \include system
>does not let you do anything you couldn't do with \input. It just
>makes it more convenient for long documents.  These conveniences don't
>seem as wonderful in days of more powerful equipment...

  This is one aspect that I have in my mind: Computers are getting so fast
that making a full compile every once in a while does not hurt.

>In fact there are also pitfalls in the old system that it would be
>nice to fill in.  As I point out in the "review of the old system"
>section of the newclude documentation, it is a convenient feature,
>when leaving out, say, chapters 2 and 3 from your book that the
>references still work, and the footnote numbers and page numbers of
>chapter 4 do not change.  This allows me to get output of chapters 1
>and 4+ that looks exactly like those sections of the whole document,
>without using some sort of post-processor to whittle down the entire
>dvi file to the parts I want.

  I am not sure about the details, but I think one can that with my system:
If one has a main file "main.tex", indicated by \project{main} in other
files, then a subfile (named "submain.tex") compilation would use two aux
files: main.aux and submain.aux. Global (cross file) references would refer
to main.aux, and local (file submain.tex) references would refer to

  So you get the references to work in a way suitable for authoring; if you
do a radical change, adding a file, or something, you can always throw in a
global compile of main.tex.

>But it is a quite unintuitive and inconvenient consequence of the
>implementation that that if you switch the order of chapters 2 and 3
>while they are STILL UNINCLUDED, the counters in chapters 4+ are
>thrown into chaos.

  So, I would not bother about this too much, since I would put in a global
compile in such a case.

  Hans Aberg
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