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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Ulrich Dirr <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 09:42:57 +0200
Art & Satz
Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
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As Chris Rowley (from the has suggested to me I'll
sending my last two mails (seperately) to this list ...

May be this is interesting for you (unfortunately I wasn't able to test the
new OR because I first have to setup another TeX system that supports

In the book I'm recently working on there's material which needs special
treatment so that the main text aligns on a baseline grid. For most of the
material I've solved this more or less quick and dirty. But now I'm facing a
new problem which I wasn't able to solve:

Headings and grid alignment! Headings with one line, two, or even three
lines and in a different type size (and leading) than the body type. One
point is the problematic \topskip. It's always difficult to align some
special material "on top", say in a two column document together with text.
May be it would be helpful if -- and what is in the AFM files -- to
incorporate the ascender/cap height into the TFM (and let TeX know about
that), so that one could align special material with respect to the
ascender/cap heigth. The other point is -- when I was trying to solve the
heading problem -- that if I put the heading inside a box to measure it (and
calculating the n+1 baseline skips at least needed) it seems that the
following material "sticks" with its top at the bottom of the heading box.

Probably I haven't understood the mechanism correctly. Do you have an idea
what could be the right direction to solve this problem?


I solved the heading problem again quick and dirty!

The main point is that I put the material on the page via PSTricks's \rput
which don't use any space and where I can control placement (like [Bl] for
"baseline left" alignment (probably the same as with \vbox to0pt?)). I put
the material into a \vbox measure it, divide it by \baselineskip, add an
additional line, and finally instruct a \vspace command to put this
calculated space.

But it works only if after the heading "normal" text is typeset. If e.g. a
minipage environment follows (for example to typeset a special formatted
motto together with a picture in EPS format; though I've tried to use an
exact height of n\baselineskip together with the [s] parameter and
stretchable space inside) then everything gets wrong again ...

BTW if lettrine.sty is used to typeset an initial one has to manually
compensate the parameter "loversize" with negative \vspace; this is not the
case for xinitials(!).

Art & Satz
Ulrich Dirr
Arnimstraße 9
81369 München
fon (+49 89) 743 30 60
fax (+49 89) 743 30 61
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