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Uwe Lück <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 1 Apr 2005 19:32:58 +0200
text/plain (315 bytes) , noreins.sty (4 kB)
A package file with a proposal for dealing with the \@reinserts
problem that has occupied the LaTeX-L list this week is attached.
It contains further informations. I plan to place future versions
and demonstration .tex's in a CTAN directory
-- or what do you suggest? -- Uwe Lueck.

%% noreins.sty -- experimental fix of bug %% latex/3370, 3541, 3719. %% (C) 2005 Uwe Lueck %% Adapted from lineno.sty, due to Stephan I. Boettcher %% and Frank Mittelbach. \def\filedate{2005/04/01} \def\fileversion{v0.1} %% RIGHTS: LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL) v1.3a %% -- author-maintained. %% %% * FIRST BRIEF INTRODUCTION: * % %% PURPOSE/WARNING: % Experts know well that \@reinserts in LaTeX's \@specialoutput % -- which handles floats (figures, tables) and \marginpar's -- % may cause wrong order of footnote splits or output of % footnotes on unnecessarily late pages. Just disabling % \@reinserts or dropping it, as David Kastrup recommends in % latex/3541, has other disadvantages. TeX3 was equipped with % \holdinginserts to deal with problems of this kind. Yet LaTeX % has still not made use of it, since it seems that this would % still require redisigning LaTeX's output routine entirely. % Here is an experimental, simple fix (!?). It replaces the % problem by another one, yet the new one might show up more % rarely or might easier be dealt with by non-expert users -- I % would like to know. % %% USAGE: % Just load the package. It doesn't define any user commands. % %% MISSING: % Demonstration files showing problems must be added. One % problem with the problem is that it seems to show up only % accidentally during working, but disappears when you try to % make a demonstration file. Even although I think that I can, % in a somewhat abstract way, name the conditions under which % the problem shows up, I find it difficult to "reliably" % demonstrate it. E.g., when I try to tie two lines together, a % surprising \penalty0 comes from the float mechanism and makes % it impossible. The "reliable" demonstration files that I could % make so far use lineno.sty and so are little useful for a % general discussion of \@reinserts and \holdinginserts. -- And % it would be good to have a review of discussions of the matter % here or in one nearby file. And a digest for non-experts would % be good. % %% MORE INFORMATIONS: % In the recent days, there was an intense discussion of the % matter on the LaTeX-L e-mail list. % %% WELCOME: % Suggestions on nearly everything, especially implementation, % different algorithms, different names; demonstration files; % where, how, whether present these experiments. % %% ACKNOWLEDGEMENT / PRESENT IMPLEMENTATION: % This is a variant of how lineno.sty, say v3.02ff., has used % \holdinginserts, due to Stephan I. Boettcher and Frank % Mittelbach. Particular purposes: As compared with the proposal % in latex/3719, the implementation is intended to work % relatively independently of other changes of the output % routine, maybe due to different LaTeX versions or due to % packages like longtable. It is even intended that it doesn't % conflict with uses of \holdinginserts by other packages or a % future LaTeX version, but it is not clear to me how probably % this works. -- The problem that the implementation introduces % is that the float mechanism measures the \footins box to % decide about placement of floats, while with \holdinginserts>0 % the \footins box is "spuriously" empty. -- One further % difference to the proposal in latex/3719 is that % \holdinginserts is not decreased for \clearpage here. -- A % problem discussed on LaTeX-L is whether/how % \penalty\outputpenalty should be used. The present proposal is % just what lineno.sty has done when I found it. -- \@reinserts % is neither defined away nor circumvented, it will just find % that there is nothing to reinsert. % \ProvidesPackage{noreins}[\filedate\space\fileversion\space                           do without \string\@reinserts] % \let\@reinserts\relax % TODO!? another package might use it. \chardef\@vl=45 % Latin `vl' is written `ul' in critical editions. \global\holdinginserts\@vl % But how cooperate ...!? % (cf. lineno.sty) \let\@UAR@output\output % Universally Avoiding \@reinserts. \newtoks\output \output\expandafter{\the\@UAR@output} \newif\if@UAR@goodoutput % lineno.sty has used \[log in to unmask] \@UAR@output{%   \@UAR@goodoutputtrue   \ifnum\holdinginserts=\@vl     \ifnum\outputpenalty>-\@Mii       \@UAR@goodoutputfalse     \else       \ifnum\outputpenalty<-\@Miv % \@Miii breaks.         \@UAR@goodoutputfalse       \fi     \fi   \fi   \if@UAR@goodoutput     \the\output     \ifnum\holdinginserts-\@vl       \global\holdinginserts\vl     \fi   \else     \unvbox\@cclv     \global\holdinginserts-\@vl     \ifnum\outputpenalty=\@M \else       \penalty\outputpenalty     \fi   \fi } \endinput