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Will Robertson <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 8 Nov 2009 12:30:44 +1030
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On 08/11/2009, at 3:30 AM, Lars Hellström wrote:
> Well, I think the T1 encoding default EC fonts beat both (at least  
> if we restrict ourselves to the latin script; certainly part of the  
> size of CM-Super is due to providing glyphs from other scripts as  
> well, and these days drivers tend to subset fonts anyway).

I didn't think there were PostScript Type 1 EC fonts?

>>> I'd like to have [lmodern] removed, or at least moved to a .cfg  
>>> file.
>> Couldn't you create your own .cfg file? (Admittedly, I don't think  
>> it's documented that l3doc will read in l3doc.cfg if it exists.)
>> \usepackage[OT1]{fontenc}
>> \renewcommand\rmdefault{cmr}
>> \renewcommand\sfdefault{cmss}
>> \renewcommand\ttdefault{cmtt}
> First, I never objected to using the T1 encoding. When I'm not  
> generating PDF, there is no problem with getting EC glyphs.

Oh, you meant bitmap anyway.

> Second, as has been remarked by others, it doesn't suffice to just  
> switch the text family defaults back; lmodern.sty also replaces the  
> math, which serves less purpose and is more work to undo.

Yes, I'd forgotten about this (relatively) recent change. But that's a  
very good point. I'll move the font loading to a .cfg file.

>> While I have no real objection to removing lmodern, in the long run  
>> I would like to default to T1/lmodern in general (not in LaTeX2e,  
>> of course, but anything "new").
> Well, lmodern as default would probably please the zealots on debian- 
> legal, but are the fonts good enough (yet)? Mid-September I had an  
> opportunity to try them out using a newly installed TeXLive-2009,  
> but was bemused by several blotches in the rendered display that  
> looked like tell-tale signs of poor hinting. Matters might have  
> improved, since there apparently was an update of these fonts in  
> TeXLive a few days later, but it doesn't feel all that stable.

I've never seen anything like that, but (I imagine) that would be  
fairly dependent on the PDF/screen rendering of your platform as well.  
I think the hinting of the LM fonts was recently redone with an auto- 
hinting tool, but I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.

> Because doing is easier than undoing in this case, I'd prefer it if  
> lmodern was not in l3doc.cls. If you still want it for default,  
> there is always the latex/base/*.cfg option of having it in an  
> l3doc.ltx that gets loaded if there isn't an l3doc.cfg.

Using a .cfg seems like a good solution to me. Is there any advantage  
to using a separate l3doc.ltx instead of distributing a default .cfg  

-- Will