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Frank Mittelbach <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 28 Jul 2020 18:05:10 +0200
text/plain (46 lines)
Hi Michal,

>> with that everything seems to be working.
> This results in missing HTML footer in the last generated HTML file.
> Fortunately,
> \AddToHook{enddocument}
>       {\HtmlEnv\Configure{newpage}{}\at:docend  \csname export:hook\endcsname}
> works.

oh well, you can't expect me to fully understand this wonderfully 
documented code, can you? :-) good then that was so simple to adjust
>> However, a lot of the lowlevel patching code inside tex4ht seems to be
>> only necessary because environment hooks are not available, so after
>> adjusting \begin and \end to use the kernel definitions it should be
>> possible to simplify a lot by simply using appropriate "env/foo/before"
>> and "env/foo/after" hooks.
> I hope it will be relatively easy to adapt our environment patching
> routine to the new LaTeX hook system. It should definitely simplify
> lot of the low-level code.

well with the above minimal surgery being successful there is no rush I 
guess. But, of course, if you can look at it earlier the better since 
that would allow us jointly to see if something seems to be missing or 
incorrectly implemented. This is the main reason we we tried to give al 
of us 2-3 month prior to the official release to weed out anything still 
wrong or questionable.

So if you are going to give it a go and you run into questions or 
problems, give us a ring, either here, or as an github issue or by 
emailing the team and we are glad to assist, after all, it is in our all 
interest that this works smoothly without any problems for user workflows.

> Thanks again for all your comments and code.

welcome, and thanks for testing, while we try to anticipate as much as 
possible it is difficult to catch everything beforehand. tex4ht went 
through the cracks because  it doesn't use normal TeX file extension so 
my checks across TeXLive code simply overlooked it ... certainly 
something I learned here