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Joseph Wright <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 31 Aug 2014 16:17:26 +0100
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On 31/08/2014 16:13, Joseph Wright wrote:
> On 31/08/2014 15:56, Michiel Helvensteijn wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> It's been a while since I had to reinstall my machine. But I just
>> have, and I'm finding myself without the latex3 '.sty' files where
>> latex can find them.
>> I was a bit surprised they weren't included in the Arch package
>> `texlive-core`, which include l3kernel. This explains a bug report I
>> received several months ago regarding `pkgloader`, which loads
>> `l3prop`. (Are all my expl3 packages now broken?)
>> Oh well, I checked out the svn trunk. The old build system seems to
>> have been replaced by `build.lua`. It seems easy enough to use, but I
>> can't manage to generate the required .sty files. In trying to bypass
>> the build system, I just run: `cd l3kernel; tex l3.ins`. It seems all
>> of the expected .sty files are now being concatenated into a file
>> `expl3-code.tex` rather than generated outright. This is also true for
>> the version on CTAN.
>> It seems I've missed a lot. Could someone bring me up to date? :-/
>> Thanks!
> We've not supported loading individual modules from the 'kernel' bundle
> for some years. Thus trying to do
>     \RequirePackage{l3prop}
> without
>     \RequirePackage{expl3}
> first has raised an error for quite a while now (I think from around the
> time we rearranged from "l3in2e"/"xpackages" to
> "l3kernel"/"l3packages"/"l3experimental": if you really want to know
> I'll check back over the SVN).
> As part of making expl3 loadable on top of formats other than LaTeX2e
> (at least, on top of plain/ConTeXt: others not tested), it was much more
> straight forward to roll all of the l3kernel code up into a single
> extracted files. That makes no difference to how things are loaded it
> should be more-or-less no issue: you used to need
> "\RequirePackage{expl3}" and you still do. This also has the advantage
> of reducing the 'log noise' from loading expl3 and the risk of
> mis-matching files for the kernel part of the bundle.
> Note that this change was included in the usual announcements I make
> before uploading code to CTAN.
> --
> Joseph Wright

I notice in the e-mail title you mention l3str. That one is slightly
different as it's not part of l3kernel, or at least l3str.sty is not.
We've added a new "string" module to the kernel (l3str.dtx) which has
some \str_... code in it: it unpacks as part of expl3. The more
experimental string code is present in the l3experimental bundle, where
we've renamed the .dtx to l3str-expl.dtx but still extract as l3str.sty.
Over time the functions here will likely be migrated to the kernel,
although there is no time frame for this: any changes will of course get
announced as usual.
Joseph Wright