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"Julien RIVAUD (_FrnchFrgg_)" <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 4 Apr 2016 19:15:48 +0200
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Le 04/04/2016 18:54, Frank Mittelbach a écrit :
> guess this is a case of \protected being harmful
> Am 04.04.2016 um 18:16 schrieb Julien RIVAUD (_FrnchFrgg_):
>> \NewDocumentEnvironment{foo}{m}{%
>>      \begin{tabular}{#1}%
>> }{%
>>      \end{tabular}%
>> }
>> \begin{document}
>> \fbox{
>>      \begin{foo}{ccc}
>>          \hline
>>          Test & a & b \\
>>          \hline
>>      \end{foo}
>> }
>> \fbox{
>>      \begin{tabular}{ccc}
>>          \hline
>>          Test & a & b \\
>>          \hline
>>      \end{tabular}
>> }
>> \end{document}
>> The first and second \fbox-es should produce the same output, but don't:
>> the foo environment starts a second line at closing time, before the
>> control is passed to the author-supplied closing code.
> actually that's not equiv, equiv would be something like defining "baz"
> \newenvironment{baz}[1]{%
>      \begin{tabular}{#1}%
> }{%
>      \end{tabular}%
> }

Sure, but even if \newenvironment had the bug, I would have considered 
it a problem in xparse.

> but yes, same difference
> reason is the following difference in processing:
> \show\endfoo
> \show\endbaz
>  > \endfoo=\protected macro:
> ->\environment foo end aux .
> l.10 \show\endfoo
> ?
>  > \endbaz=\long macro:
> ->\end {tabular}.
> l.17 \show\endbaz
> the  \protected hides the \crcr inside \endtabular.

And in fact it hides any \crcr we could put in our closing code... I 
thought that it had to do with protection (this mail is a spin-off from 
a P.S. in the other thread), because I had to unprotect some of my 
commands in my table stuff.

BTW, I wrote a package that parse CSS-like syntax to define properties 
of table cells, like real padding or min-width/height/depth (it also 
fixes the vertical alignment problem by taking the *real* height of the 
first row or the *real* depth of the last row into account, not just the 
strut box). It uses mdwtab as a base. For now it computes each cell 
#row-#col values, but doesn't support :nth-child() selectors (or any 
other selector than "td") so it is unfinished. Quite useful as a 
replacement for extrarowheight and/or vgap to get better table output 
(and I just found that it also affects amsmath's |cases|, so the parent 
selector needs to be handled soon).

I really need to learn to write proper .dtx files, and submit my stuff 
on CTAN.