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Fri, 11 Jul 2003 08:17:04 +0200
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William Adams wrote:
> Achim said:
> > The problem is not the syntax, but the page layout algorithm that
> > doesn't know what to do with insertions (yet).
> Any idea on a time frame for this? It's the one thing which has kept
> me from experimenting w/ it.

I'm currently finishing the next version of ant which mainly fixes a lot
of small things like:

 o font encodings
 o hyphenation
 o colour and images
 o PDF output (only bitmap fonts though)

When it is done I plan to start working on insertions. How long it will
take I haven't the slightest idea.

BTW, at the moment one has to modify the source code of ant if one wants
to experiment with those features not present in TeX. Most of them
cannot be accessed from the markup language -- mainly because I haven't
had time to come up with suitable commands.

> > BTW, I will not write an XML parser for ant. If someone wants such a
> > thing they have to write it themselves.
> Am I missing something here? The ways for getting XML into TeX are
> legion, so I don't see why one of the extant solutions for TeX
> wouldn't work for Ant.

ant is not completely TeX compatible. Hence, the existing tools have to
be adapted to produce ant code. But I agree that this would be the
easiest way to feed XML to ant (although a bit pointless, since the
output quality of TeX and ant are the same).

I made the above remark since I got the impression that the original
poster thought I planned to make XML the default input format for ant.

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