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Frank Mittelbach <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 11:08:12 +0200
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Philip Taylor writes:
 > Ther has been a great deal of discussion on the possible interactions
 > between the LaTeX, e-TeX, NTS & Omega projects since I dealt with e-mail
 > yesterday, and Chris Rowley has very politely pointed out in a private
 > e-mail that the LaTeX list is not the best place for discussing ideas for
 > e-TeX.

it is perhaps true that this list is not the best place to discuss
ideas for extending e-TeX technically but so far the discussion has
focussed in my opinion on two different (partly related) points:

- the possible use of a program X (or several programs), X standing
 for e-TeX, Omega, some hybrid, ..., as a basis for LaTeX3 development
 (and perhaps even upcoming releases of LaTeX2e)

- general thoughts on what kind of beast is needed some time in the

both topics do seem to me important and are directly relevant to LaTeX
and its evolution and for this reason i would prefer to have the
discussion on this list, i don't see any need for just another one.


some general remarks:

several of the people arguing know each other personally and most of
us do have a somewhat pointed style when writing emails (that is in
fact not so surprising once your email volume might get into 100 mails
per day) and it does help to keep in mind that email isn't (despite
all the <grin> <smiley> signs these days) the best medium, but it is
the best we have most of the time.

as far as i know none of these points raised recently have been ever
discussed properly on any of the projects or in the general
public. therefore if some people with short mails play a bit of the
devil's advocate then this can only help to widen the horizon and i do
welcome it (at least to a certain point <grin> :-)

so i can only say that i think we haven't been finished thinking this
through (on neither team) and therefore feel that there is a big need
for further discussion. i'm sure that those of us who see each other
during the TUG97 conference will follow this up in detail but to make
this as fruitful as possible we should carry this discussion a little
further, at least until the point where we really run in circles.

enough said (for the moment)

unfortunately i have a bandaged right hand (too much use of the
mouse?) and that makes me a little slow in writing on the computer
these days