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David Carlisle <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 17 Oct 2020 23:22:22 +0100
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On 17/10/2020 18:16, LARONDE Thierry wrote:
> Hello,
> FWIW, one can not dump LaTeX on a virgin system (say D. E. Knuth
> engines and fonts) if the following 4 tfm files are missing:
> line10.tfm
> linew10.tfm
> lcircle10.tfm
> lcirclew10.tfm

True but that's always been the case, since at least latex 2.09 in the 
1980s. They are latex picture mode fonts developed alongside the 
original latex macros.

> For required/graphics, the driver dvips.def is not anymore generated
> by graphics-drivers.ins: it has to be get from contrib/graphics-def.
> (Not a problem for me, I know where to find it; but it could be
> mentioned in the doc.)

no currently maintained drivers are generated by the graphics package 
ins file, I should probably make the graphics-drivers.ins file a no-op, 
keeping the dtx for documentation on driver structure. Hard to believe 
that anyone is downloading a new distribution and using emtex.def for 

I agree the first section of drivers.dtx probably should say something. 
and give a pointer to the graphics-def collection, however this is 
documented, the main documentation for graphics is grfguide.tex which says

The following driver options are declared in the packages.
The matching definition files (\emph{driver}|.def|)
are now also maintained by the \LaTeX\ project,
but distributed separately, in the CTAN |graphics-def| collection.
   |dvipdfmx|, |dvips|, |dvisvgm|, |luatex|, |pdftex|, |xetex|

> Neither ltxcheck nor sample2e.tex can be processed if the EC fonts are
> missing (required?).

T1/TS1 encoded computer modern has always been required for latex2e, 
although the actual change affecting sample2e is this (in texlive 2019)

\UndeclareTextCommand{\textdollar}  {OT1}         % don't use the OT1 
def any longer

so that $ is available in all styles without contortions to avoid 
turning into £ in italic which means that the text symbol font gets used 
in this example document.

> On a side note (since core babel is required): could you tell the babel
> developers

Javier is on this list I think , so you contacted him already:-)

>   to correct babel.ins in order to not provoke an unnecessary
> overwrite check by docstrip, because "babel.log" is also used as the
> output name of a file created as a side effect. Namely, in:
> % Dummy, it just read "modules" to be used when generating
> % the actual file. There must be a better way.
> \savingtrue
> \generate{\usepreamble\empty
>            \usepostamble\empty
>            \file{babel.log}{\from{babel.dtx}{dummy}}}
> \savingfalse
> replace babel.log by dummy.log, for example (this is what I do by ed'ing
> or sed'ing the file; but the less custom processing, the better ;)

If you use the supplied l3build script and unpack with `l3build install` 
this isn't actually a problem but it does seem a bit odd, perhaps leave 
an issue at so it doesn't get 

> Best,

Thanks for the comments,



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