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Joseph Wright <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 20 Jul 2014 16:49:24 +0100
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Hello all,

A snapshot of the LaTeX3 code has been submitted to CTAN. Key changes:

 - Change in treatment of juxtaposition in l3fp: now simply
   inserts "*" and thus has same precedence as explicit "*" or
   "/" (this is a breaking change as discussed previously)
 - Produce 'string-like' output as standard in l3regex
   replacements: "\ " in replacement text has catcode 10

 - New single l3str module in kernel for 'stable' \str_...
 - New \str_fold_case:n function for Unicode (UTF-8) case
 - Functions moved to 'stable' status: \clist_const:Nn,
   \<thing>_item:Nn, \clist_set_from_seq:NN,
   \seq_set_from_clist:NN, \seq_reverse:N
 - New \dim_to_decimal:n and related function to replace
   experimental \dim_strip_pt:n, etc.
 - New experimental expandable Unicode case changing functions
   \tl_lower_case:n, \tl_upper_case:n, \tl_mixed_case:n.
 - New experimental \box_resize_to_ht:Nn and
   \box_resize_to_wd_and_ht:Nn as per user request

 - Bug fix for "\c{...}" construct in l3regex
 - Bug fix for logarithms in l3fp

Please give it around 48 h for the new code to propagate around CTAN.
Joseph Wright