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"Michel Lavaud Orleans (France)" <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 4 Jul 1997 17:19:51 +0000
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> > I think it is extremely useful to have the TeXIndex of Jones updated.
> > But I am not sure that the texlive key, with the contents described
> > above,  is a  good idea?
> David Jones hasn't got the time/inclination/something or other.  I
> asked him some while back, and he said he was quite happy for the file
> to be zapped from the archives.  I had forgotten to do that, and have
> just moved it to obsolete/help

Well, I was not asking indirectly to David Jones to update his
file,  I had understood from "@TeXIndex" in Sebastian's message:

>Are you all familar with Graham Williams catalogue? in many ways, he
>has already laid the foundation for what we are talking about, with
>a BiBTeX database looking like this: > >@TeXIndex{akletter,

that Graham's work was an update of Jones' in BibTeX form. OK if it
is incorrect.

> The reason the texlive key is there is that the file is also used (as
> a BibTeX file, no less!) in preparing the TeX Live documentation.  The
> key doesn't appear in the other derived format, CTAN
> help/Catalogue/ctfull.html

OK, that sounds reasonable to me

> Give an opinion if you want to classify, don't if you don't.  Don't
> try to classify without giving any opinion: that way lies madness...

Sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean ?

> No-one's talked about billions of users yet, have they?  There are
> only 100 million PCs (or something) in the world!

Sorry, 20 millions, not billions of course.

> In my view, a project to construct a test suite for every package on
> CTAN is doomed to failure.  (For some reason, my fingers kept wanting
> to type `dodo' where I meant `doomed' ;-)

My proposal was not to construct a test suite for every package.
It was: IF somebody is able to give an opinion on one given package,
then he has written a test file (otherwise, could he have any
opinion?). So, instead of giving an opinion, rather provide the test
file. Or,  if he is enthusiast about it, maybe a demo file that
illustrates some useful aspects of the package?
Michel Lavaud  ([log in to unmask])