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Vladimir Volovich <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 02:33:08 +0300
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"FM" == Frank Mittelbach writes:

 FM> so in other words, to get to a good internal handling i have to
 FM> find proper free Type 1 fonts first and make them part of LaTeX.

i made some experiments some time ago, and achieved quite satisfactory
results in this direction: making type1 fonts from metafont fonts.

the technology is based on auto-tracing high-resolution bitmaps --
such as 20000 dpi (from gf files produced by metafont), then
optimizing and autohinting with fontlab.

the resulting fonts look quite good (there are a few very small
glitches which could be seen with very high magnification). they may
need some hand work (which i will not be able to do due to the lack of
time), but even without this i think that this could be better than
nothing (at least :).

i have some plans to produce type1 versions of "superfonts" which
contain all glyphs from EC (T1), TC (TS1), LH (all cyrillic
encodings), and cbgreek fonts, in all standard fontsizes (then all the
EC,TC,LH,cbgreek fonts could be obtained by reencoding those type1
superfonts in pdftex or dvips).

unfortunately, at the moment i'm busy with another projects. if there
is some interest in this, however, i will put some test PFB file for
one of the fonts, say, ecrm1000, so that you will be able to comment
on the quality (may be, i'm overestimating it, and the whole approach
is not satisfactory).

so, if there is some interest, please tell me. :)

        Best regards, -- Vladimir.