> It is a comma.  OpenType fonts like pala.ttf provide a Romanian
> locale which will replace the cedilla with a comma.
I did a search on the net for `OpenType' and `pala.ttf'. I got many
many pages about OpenType fonts, none about pala.ttf and it seams
that all it is about windows.

I checked the glyphs in my windows partition on my PC. Times New Roman
have the T and t with a comma and S and s with a cedilla. Lucida console
is with a cedilla for all S, s, T, t. It seams that many people make no

Do you know a place where I can download such fonts?

I am sure that I don't have the required glyphs on my PC. I downloaded
a text in unicode and I open it with yudit. Only 5% of the characters
are visible, and a long list of warnings that the fonts are not found
in the specified path.

Thank you,