What has happened with the modules in LaTeX?

There is a simple module system that could implemented in TeX; the idea I
got from Haskell <http://haskell.org/>. The following targets the idea of a
module as a name separator, so that names do not clash. One can also think
of modules bringing about logical connections, which is not so much present
here (even though a name-space can help bringing about such logical

Names defined within the module <mod> gets names "<mod>.<name1>",
"<mod>.<name2>", ... Then one can define
   \export{<mod>}{<name1>, <name2>, ...}
for the names that are deemed to become of frequently used by the user of
the module.

A user can later write
in which case the names <name1>, <name2>, ... can be used instead of
<mod>.<name1>, <mod>.<name2>, ... -- To this one will have to add a system
resolving name conflicts in case more than one module is imported, and the
imports have name conflicts.

  Hans Aberg