New Year's greetings to all.

I've placed what I hope will be the last pre-release tarball at

It represents what I've used to port the UKTUG LaTeX FAQ to an
XML document that should eventually admit a number of useful formattings
including the didactic HTML and LaTeX formattings that I am developing
(albeit slowly).

The FAQ port materials are at (a URI that eventually
will move).

The XML version of a GELLMU article does admit processing by James
Clark's XSLT engine "xt".

I would very much like to see a formatting to Texinfo so that the
FAQ could be placed in info trees.  I don't know Texinfo at all well,
and my time is about to become scarce.  An annotated sgmlspl skeleton
for new formattings is in the referenced directory.  One needs, in
principle, 2 perl functions for each of ca. 120 tagnames.  Or one
could write XSLT.

I would also like to see somebody translate it to TEI and then compare
the HTML and LaTeX formattings obtained chez Rahtz from TEI with the
native GELLMU formattings.

                                     -- Bill