> > [...] i strongly plea for math only accepts the small set of real
 > > ascii, ie
 > >
 > > 0-9  a-z A-Z  !"/()=?`'+*<>|,;.:-
 > > plus commands
 > >
 > > by default (repeat: default).
 > There are two characters which are pretty useless in math, namely '"' (the
 > double quote) and '`' (the grave accent). The former fact is real good luck
 > because it allows TeX fomulae in HTML ALT-tags without breaking HTML syntax.
 > The later is just a cutiosity, but without AMS fonts there isn't any
 > sensible symbol mapping to '`'.

aren't you mxing glyph shapes with a syntax description?

my statement was that all visiable ascii chars (any only those) can be used to
type in math formulas (by default). the fact that ` gives a somewhat strange
left prime in CM and that " gives you a somewhat strange double quote doesn't
really change that.

a) i'm sure that you find math papers using them (always in search of extra
symbols these guys :-)

b) in other fonts they might produce more usable shapes

c) for me the beauti is you can say "the visable ascii chars can be used and
only those (though you should remember that LaTeX claims a few of them as
syntax) period"