On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Frank Mittelbach wrote:

>  - it clearly can't provide the answer for chars not existing in unicode

There are also ones that will most probably never get into Unicode, like
the dotless j.

>  - and it clearly can't provide the answer for math

Unicode recommends modifiers for the unified math symbols, which will
become something like \mathmakelonger{\rightarrow} internally.

> yes and no, I tried to explain that there are limitations posed by the current
> implementation of the major underlying formatter (ie TeX) which you can't
> easily overcome and even if you do: which then needs a long time to get
> actually being deployed at sites that have not much use for anything other
> than ASCII plus perhaps a few accents.

I understand. But the situation is different now. These days, developers
do something interesting: they add an eye candy features (take support for
some new image format in YAP), and they user updates the whole system and
automatically gets all latest things.