David wrote --

lots of relevant and wise things, inluding:

> LaTeX needs a stable base (probably more stable than John and Yannis
> can provide, as they understandably need to experiment with features as
> they push Omega further in the direction they want to go) and even if
> Omega was completely stable, one would have to consider whether it is
> time to try to move the majority of latex users off tex-the-program.

Quite true _but_, equally:

Omega (and, I hypothesise, any TeX-derived automated typesetting
system) needs something `on top' that is functionally similar to LaTeX.

The larger group of omega developers needs this LaTeX-layer yesterday
and, as I undertand it, that is a major reason why these issues are
being raised here and now.  They cannot delay so as to get it right.

> (including latex maintainers:-)

I assume that the irony here is the implication that this set of
people may be nonempty?