13-Feb-01 21:45 Donald Arseneau wrote:
>>  > - TeX diagnostic messages output the "internal representation", which
>>  >   can quickly become unreadable for scripts that are not essentially
>>  >   ASCII.
>> which diagnostics we are talking about here? some of them are in the font
>> encoding (which is not the LICR at all)

> I agree.  This is not the issue.  In fact, it is only an issue for
> system configuration!  Most TeX implementations now allow messages
> to be printed without conversion to ^^ format.

On the other hand, if input and font encodings are different then errors in
.tex file will be shown in one encoding while overfull messages in another.
So this is an argument for switching from TeX to another engine which
doesn't have such a problem. Does Omega have this problem?

Personally, I use tcx and quite happy with traditional TeX.

Best regards,