12-Feb-01 14:53 Hans Aberg wrote:
> This is exactly my point: Because of the lousy parsing of the computer
> programs, one is forced to do markup, so that they can get the information.

14-Feb-01 21:45 Hans Aberg wrote:
>>    Editor writes: The gap in the last formula [i.e. \mskip20mu] should be
>>    made like in the first one and the $gap$ should be made like in the
>>    second one.

> The answer is as always: If you can parse it without markup, then it is
> possible to parse it, right? If you, or other humans, cannot parse it that
> way without markup, then don't expect the computer do it for you. :-)

So (my) conclusion is: since there are cases which cannot be parsed by a
human, markup is not only for stupid computers but is unavoidable in
principle and is essential when you express such delicate things as
thoughts in such a coarse form as a written text.