At 04:17 +0300 2001/02/15, Alexander Cherepanov wrote:
>So (my) conclusion is: since there are cases which cannot be parsed by a
>human, markup is not only for stupid computers but is unavoidable in
>principle and is essential when you express such delicate things as
>thoughts in such a coarse form as a written text.

If a sentence cannot be parsed by a human, it is of little use in the human
world I gather. Also, if some kind of information is deemed necessary to
humans for the parsing of something, one could clearly not expect a
computer to parse it without it. It's like a + b could not be computed
explicitly to a number if what a and b should be is not somehow indicated.

-- The letters themselves are a kind of markup. Did you expect to avoid
them as well? :-)

  Hans Aberg