thanks a lot, bringing all those discussion points together again is a large
help, very much appreciated.

 > I have revised my summary of the multilingual discussion.  Bill
 > Hammond kindly started marking up the document (he actually used
 > GELLMU, but I ran into problems and out of time, so I just pulled the
 > plug and used standard LaTeX markup -- sorry, Bill), and I revised and
 > amended the document to (hopefully) take everybody's comments into
 > account.

to be honnest i'm glad :-) at least that means i can process it without
hunting for additional software (it doesn't even need Omega says a voice at my
back :-)

 > Comments, especially concerning Sections 2 and 3, are always welcome.
 > (Right now I'd actually like to make the document shorter, not longer,
 > so anything that helps is welcome.)

we will try to get you some comments back when we have read it more carefully