> but no new naming scheme was specified.

I got tied up in MathML2 (and Frank in unicode issues, judging by this
weekends activity on th elist:-)

Yes your names definitely seem better than the old ones.
It would be possible I suppose to make it even harder to "accidentally"
create these names by having mismatched } in the names rather than
{} pairs which are still easy to enter in commands that pass their
argument to csname:


! LaTeX Error: Environment a{b}c undefined.

I thought that was what you had originally suggested?

so where you have

 Current name: \describecsfamily{TP@<\meta{type}>}
  New name: \describecsfamily{TP@T{\meta{type}}}

ie a name of the form

\csname TP@T{xxx}\endcsname

you could have names

\csname TP@T}xxx}\endcsname



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