Sebastian wrote:

 >  > but it doesn't go all the way and I guess something like LaTeX still has
 >  > a place in the game; so far I don't quite believe in XSL engines that
 >  > drive a
 > quite. this is a criticism of XSL Formatting Objects, not XML or
 > Unicode, which is the core consideration.

indeed. my criticism of Unicode is in other areas. however unicode is a fact
and as such better as nothing.

 >  > low-level formatter which is not capable of properly quering its
 >  > generated typography data (something TeX(variant) systems can).
 > I agree with you that this is desirable; and essential for certain
 > types of design. but will you bet your whole kit and caboodle on those
 > design features, at any price? Thats the dilemma *I* find myself

no. not betting. but then quality in that area was never the big attraction
and probably never will be. however that doesn't mean that one shouldn't look
for it, should it?