Frank Mittelbach writes:
 > Sebastian wrote:
 >  >  > but it doesn't go all the way and I guess something like
 >  >  > LaTeX still has a place in the game; so far I don't quite
 >  >  > believe in XSL engines that drive a
 >  >
 >  > quite. this is a criticism of XSL Formatting Objects, not XML or
 >  > Unicode, which is the core consideration.
 > indeed. my criticism of Unicode is in other areas. however unicode
 > is a fact and as such better as nothing.

Frank, I am trying right now (after being away for a while) to update
the multilingual encodings summary.  I think you have hinted at
imperfections of Unicode more than once.  Do you have any concrete
points that are interesting/relevant to this discussion, which I could
add to the document?