A small update of the encodings summary.  If nothing major comes up,
this is the version that will to to Apostolos.  Of course I will
continue update the online document whenever necessary.

Apart from a general clean-up, a few section which are now marked with
change bars (hopefully) reflect most of last week's traffic.

Frank Mittelbach writes:
 > pps: what might help as well is to identify the parts we do feel be
 > controverse and actually mark them (perhaps with some marginal
 > notes\marginpar{FMi: bla bla}\marginpar{JLo: Fmi talks
 > rubbish}\marginpar{LHe: they both seem to have no idea what they
 > are talking about} :-)

Unfortunately LaTeX2HTML eats marginpars.  Any idea how to cleanly do

On the other hand, LaTeX barfs on URLs containing underscores.  This
brings up the issue that LaTeX3 should really define a clean standard
interface for hyperlinking.  The html package that comes with
LaTeX2HTML seems very ugly, much like the whole of LaTeX2HTML looks
like a big hack which breaks in all subtle and not-so-subtle ways.
It's just too useful to be thrown out of the window just yet...


LaTeX:  http://na.uni-tuebingen.de/~oliver/latex/encodings.tex
HTML:   http://na.uni-tuebingen.de/~oliver/latex/encodings/index.html