> Marcel Oliver <[log in to unmask]>:
> > change bars (hopefully) reflect most of last week's traffic.
> I'm glad that you are updating your summary.
> > Unfortunately LaTeX2HTML eats marginpars.  Any idea how to cleanly do
> > this?
> (1) invent an abstract document structure corresponding to LaTeX's
> marginpar, and (2) understand how you want it represented in HTML.


> Then add it to your XML document type that admits formattings to both
> LaTeX and HTML while extending your formatters to accommodate it.

nah: marcel's talking about latex2html here, not something sensible.

marcel -- look at the conditional compilation facilities of html.sty
(the one that comes with latex2html, that is), and use that to deal
with your coding).

similarly, deal with urls with url.sty and latex2html's url facilities
conditionally.  (iirc, latex2html has a shortcut for that