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>At least about this aspect of it we can do something. The guidance given
>by LaTeX manuals and the like on what is sensible and what is not is, in
>this area, rather important.
It may be important to LaTeX designers, but it is totally irrelevant to
working mathematicians, who will use whatever symbols they deem
appropriate with no deference to anyone else's notions of propriety.
Collaborations have been known to spend more time arguing about notation
than proving theorems.

As for examples, they exist -- I've seen more than one. If you haven't,
and don't want to take anyone's word for their existence, then it is
entirely appropriate that you spend the time and effort looking for them.
One suggestion for help would be to inquire on a math newsgroup. There is
a good list of them available at mathforum.com. A history-of-math oriented
list might be the most fruitful.

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