Frank wrote some days ago:

> as a result one ends up to have to explain all those problems of
> misinterpreting the internal forms if you do this or that at a certain stage
> (like storing text in a token register and reusing it at some other point or
> never pass it to the hlist builder (where the OTPs actually execute)

For some reason, I missed this paragraph when I first read this
message and it's a good point. The problem is not moving information
around, but explaining how to do it (or even doing automatically at
_every_ place where necessary without the user's intervention, I would
say). From that point of view, Frank is right.

> (and to be honnest to see the word "fontenc" on the left makes me shudder
> though I understand why Javier put it there originally; I think it is a
> horrible misinterpretation of what fontenc conceptually does)

Yes, yes, using fontenc (as such) is conceptually an absurdity [that
explains the (!) in the drawing].