At 14.24 +0100 2001-12-10, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
>2. \protect has no effect on the working/non-working state of \verb.
>when lamport says in his manual that you can't use \verb in the
>argument of a command, he actually means what he says.

While we're at \verb anyway, did anyone [with actual familiarity of
extending TeX] investigate any further the feasibility of the mechanism
that I sketched in my mail to this list of 13 Jun 2001?

Although the particular problem that motivated that suggestion was
language-tagging in multilingual documents, I did remark that one could
just as well use it to implement a \verb command that _would_ work in the
arguments of commands. (This is of course not practically possible in a
non-extended TeX.)

Lars Hellström