On 2002-07-08 09:41:16 +0100, Mittelbach, Frank wrote:
> if savannah only accepts GPL then that doesn't surprise me.

Neither me, but Savannah is the only repository that at least
tries to be open to other licenses ("case by case"). The others
just point to osi.

> what i have seen two days ago as arguments however was only the one about
> not liking to rename files (which you could have pointed out is allowed as
> part of the OSI as well as the debian guidelines)
> have there been any new arguments?

Not really. They finally read modguide and though a bit, but it
boils down to:

In addition to the comments at
http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html, I think the LPPL
is trying to define and enforce a distribution policy within the
license.  This is a strange idea. Imagine what mess it would be
if the Linux kernel imposed the same restrictions on system calls
?-) Instead a specification was issued
(http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/) to encourage the
necessary standardization and uniformity. Defining a standard
interface and behaviour is a complex matter that can hardly be
implemented by a license.

Savannah will not host a project under the LPPL. In my
understanding nothing prevents you from releasing your project
under the GNU GPL.

Personnally, I'm absolutely not conviced by thoses arguments.

For a reason or another, it could be usefull to modify a file and
distribute it for a particular audience, without changing is name
for compatibily reasons.

Those compatibilities reasons evoqued by the latex project seems
to me nonsense: no one can forbid me to write a book.cls, from
scratch, that would be incompatible with the standard book.cls.

But I think we should host LPPL files since the incompability
with the GPL is not a major incompability: if we rename the file,
we can do anything we could do with a GPL file. Renaming a file
can be painy but it's possible to do in any case. So, in any
case, if we what, we can do what we want in the GPL way with a
LPPL file.

If somebody wants to continue the discussion, they are welcome to
do so.

Best regards