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    CMC> Unlike LaTeX-L, debian-legal is an open list -- you can
    CMC> post to it

    RF> what do they do about the spam? -- we reject lots of spam
    RF> to european lists because it comes from non-members.

Mostly they just take it.  There's actually a surprisingly small
amount of spam considering the number of lists.  Every so often,
though, there's a big bolus of spam that gets a lot of people mad
and proposing solutions.  They may actually have some filtering
set up at this point, but I'm really not sure.

    CMC> and read it without subscribing.  debian-legal is
    CMC> archived at <http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/>.

    RF> latex-l's like that, afaik.  (at least, that's what i say
    RF> in the faq.)

Hmm.  The last time I looked (which was when I first posted to
this discussion, as I forgot to cc: myself and I apparently have
the list set to not cc: me automatically), I had to log in to view
messages.  Maybe there's a different archive somewhere where
that's not true?


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