Lars wrote:

>I prefer Frank's proposal of 2002/06/30 to his original, but the wording in
>  If you are not the Current Maintainer of The Program you are only allowed
>  distribute a modified file of The Program if, and only if, the
>  following eight conditions are met:
>seems to contain an `only' too much.

fear you are right :-)

>Concerning the matter of stating intent, perhaps something like the
>following could be included in the preamble?

possibly. some suggested addiotions/changes below

>  The purpose of this License is to grant The User the right to
>  freely obtain, use, and make derivative works based on The Program,
>  whilst at the same time preserving the integrety of The Program.

  ... integrety of The Program under its original name.

>  This means that derivative works created by modifying The Program
>  (or any part thereof) must not give the appearance of being part
>  of The Program.

perhaps the above sentence is actually not necessary

>  The right to modify The Program for the purpose of

  ... to modify The Program under its original name for the purpose of ...

>  creating a new version of The Program lies solely with the Current
>  Maintainer of The Program.