On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Boris Veytsman wrote:

> Right now there is nothing to tell about my Debian/LaTeX machines:
> they happily do what I want, and I never post anything about them in
> ctt or elsewhere. I am very much interested in keeping the situation
> exactly like this.

My collegues here claim that Slackware is *the* best Linux distribution
and we have three Slackware boxes (one on Alpha) that have a TeX
installation that works flawlessly. In addition, we do have a QNX box with
a TeX installation, 3 Solarix x86 8 boxes with TeX installations, and a
OpenBSD box with a TeX installtion. So far (2-3 years) we had no problems
at all. In addition, TeX works flawlessly on Mandrake. So, what your point
about this Debian/LaTeX machines? I reall don't get it! TeX is a program
that can be installed on any machine, while Debian Linux is Linux
distribution (kernel) plus goodies. And those goodies make the

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