At 14:57 -0400 2002/07/22, Boris Veytsman wrote:
>> Is TeX a trademark?

>Yes. TeX is a trademark of the American Mathematical Society.
>METAFONT is a trademark of Addison Wesley Longman.
>Knuth is the copyright holder. Knuth's express wish prevents AMS to
>make a non-TeX called TeX. I do not know the legal delicacies, but I
>think AMS is not going to violate Knuth's wish.

But when Knuth dies, his copyright and wishes are transferred to the estate
of the deceased, and it is up those maintaining that estate to decide what
to do about it.

BTW, why not calling the successor of TeX "Knuth" (or "Don"), in honor of
the inventor of modern electronic typesetting? :-)

  Hans Aberg