> May a voice from the back of the hall
 > ask why LaTeX doesn't adopt the Gnu GPL?
 > Then we could call it Gnu-LaTeX or perhaps GLaTeX.
 > And TUG could become GLUG, the Gnu-LaTeX users group.
 > I may say I have never read the GPL or the LPPL,
 > and would regard it as a fairly serious punishment
 > to have to do so.

you don't have to, but perhaps you should read modguide.tex (which is English
if not British prose (sorry, not Irish)) and perhaps this helps you in
understanding the reason for not using GPL for LaTeX (or TeX).

I personally hate licenses too and for me the most important aspect of LPPL is
not its legal content but its formulating some ground rules that help the
LaTeX community to function if obeyed.