> i think you're missing javier's point: he was comparing "modifying
> latex" (easy) to "modifying python-the-executable", which (i would
> assume) _does_ require some kind of programming experience, since
> little of it will be written in python itself...


> i don't believe the point is particularly strong,

Nor do I, but then one could compare how many people
is trying to change the TeX executable (a score), and how
many people is trying to create their own class (which is
a FAQ). If we say "Hey!, guys, you can modify freely the
book class" the question about how to create a class
won't be a FAQ any longer... because people will modify
book directly. This is the meaning of my "every user is
potentially a developer" because in LaTeX the concepts of
"user" and "developer" are not so clearly separated as
they could be in Linux, Python or PageMaker (in fact,
many LaTeX users are programming without being conscious
of it and without being actual programmers).