Branden Robinson writes:

 > The ease of alternatives to modifying source code is not important.  The
 > right of the user to create modifications and derived works is.
 > Interestingly, Frank Mittelbach is asserting that it is not the intent
 > of the LPPL to forbid mere modification of LaTeX source code:
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 > "it is not the intention to disallow modification without
 > redistribution.  the license has a paragraph labeled recommendation that
 > talks about that but that is already by its title a suggestion only"
 > Perhaps the LaTeX community should appoint a spokesman to the Debian
 > Project so that we do not get contradictory statements about what is
 > acceptable?

Branden, pardon me, but i think this is funny. seems that you think the LaTeX
community needs as spokesman which is the very thing that I think debian

as far as this discussion goes a lot of people (some of which with have contributed in one way or another, are they all spokesmans
for debian? if so I probably give up that this discussion as it feels
pointless and impossible to reach any conclusion. if not then please tell us
who is spokesman for debian (eg you and or Jeff)?

as for spokesmen of the LaTeX community i can't give you any as the community
has members and they have opinions and express them for which I am grateful
even if i don't agree with them always (just as i grateful if members of
debian contribute)

as for spokesmen for the LaTeX Project Team as the copyright owner of LPPL
this is me and David Carlisle.

does that help?