Am Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2002 17:17 hast du geschrieben:
> I had been involved in a translation effort to make LaTeX base classes
> accessible for French users.  We then translated many *.dtx files.
> Of course we only translated comments and never changed source code,
> but they are merged in a single file.
> AFAICT this is forbidden by the LPPL, since we did not rename classes
> (which would not make sense).
> So I would much appreciate if the new license would allow translating
> LaTeX classes.

I wouldn't. Because instead of changing the dtx-files everybody can write a
e.g. fenchbookdoc.tex with the translated description of book.cls. Most users
doesn't need the implementation documentation and if they need it, they
should understand english or is there a french translation of The TeXbook?