On Sat, 8 Feb 2003, Chris Rowley wrote:

> > Here's  a fix for xo-new.dtx, but I am still not sure wether the fixing
> > is done in the right place at all.
> Well one good test is: does it look tight now?

Yes, it looks right. But what is making me think is, that the original
calculations seem right. It appears, that the floatbox-origin is shifted
somewhere. So maybe it is really something in the float-setup or
float-boxing that is wrong, and my fix is just a work-around.
Especially, as the offset seems to depend on the spancnt of the float,
something that is not used in this part of xo-new.

I still have some trouble tracing the float-placement, so I have not found
anything there, that looks wrong. So that's what I meant with "the right


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