At 20.10 +0100 2003-03-17, Javier Bezos wrote:
>Then, let's imagine the following: a GUI (Perl/Tk, Python/Tkinter,
>Java/Swing... what you like)

For (La)TeXies in general, I would think the original combination of Tcl/Tk
is more comfortable. Tcl's approach that "everything is a string" is
straightforward and very flexible.

As for all the zero-sized picture thingies that has been discussed, I have
to say that I don't quite understand what is meant. Is the idea to
construct the box to ship out from zero-sized pieces that are positioned
relative to some fixed point of reference? (The current approach is simply
to stack page header, body, and footer in a \vbox, is it not?)

Lars Hellström