> > It looks as though two strong Unicode encoding candidates for TeX/LaTeX are
> > the UTF-8 and UTF-32. The UTF-32 encoding might be better to used
> > internally for performance and programming convenience reasons. The UTF-8
> > encoding is better to work with as an extension of ASCII. So one might make
> > a TeX version that say uses UTF-32 internally, and UTF-8 and UTF-32
> > externally.

omega has capable of this for ages (for some value of 32).

enctex (part of tetex-3) also allows utf-8 input.

latex, of course, has utf-8 as an optional input coding, for languages
for which there's a latex output encoding.  (actually, has had for a
long time, with a contributed package.)

> ExTeX use internal UTF-32!

is there anything of any substance to know about extex?  the web site
doesn't look any different from what i saw ages back when i first made
an entry for the project in my faq.