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> David Kastrup <[log in to unmask]> writes:
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>> > This probably doesn't belong on this list, so email me.
>> Guffaw.  Output routine design details in connection with LaTeX don't
>> belong on the LaTeX-L list?
> I was rushed to finish off.  What I meant to say is that I could
> look at some specific failed attempt to use \holdinginserts,
> and would take that by direct mail.
> The problem with \penalty\outputpenalty is that \outputpenalty=10000
> and prevents the same page break instead of forcing the same break.

Well, when rebreaking, I find that using \pagediscards seems like the
best thing to do.  Then you get the same vertical list again, unless
\outputpenalty is less than 10000, in which case you need to reinsert
it in front of the discards (it will be replaced with \nobreak in the
\pagediscards in this case).

> I would use a unique force-break penalty.

Always a good idea.  You just have to place it in a manner that makes
sure it does not get discarded.

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