Uwe Lück <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> No, sorry, it rather seems that the proposal in latex/3719
> has little to do with my situation. Before I think about what
> to do with \@reinserts, I must find out how \holdinginserts>0
> affects the \footins box.

Triggering the output routine with \holdinginserts>0 means
*nothing* is put in the footins box. If you ship out the
page contents, the inserts are lost.

It is tricky to program.  The one thing it works for is
recycling the page through the output routine (without

The output triggering has to be rewritten to usually keep
\holdinginserts=1, until a page is ready to ship out (normal
output), then temporarily set \holdinginserts=0 and recycle
the page contents (\unvbox255 etc).  Then the next invocation
of the output routine can ship out the page.  That's what
the answer in 3719 appears to do.  What is wrong with it?
I see a misuse of \outputpenalty, which may be the only

This probably doesn't belong on this list, so email me.

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