Lars Hellström wrote:
> At 12.44 +0200 2005-04-27, Achim Blumensath wrote:
> >I forgot one feature:
> >
> >o Being able to load packages from FD files (e.g., keyval).
> I now rather think it is a good thing that one cannot start loading
> packages at such times. Packages are loaded in the preamble, and may
> modify the user environment. FD files should rather be considered a
> representation of data tables, and the only reason these tables are
> dynamically loaded when needed is to conserve memory.

I agree that FD files should only contain font definitions. But for
complex font families it can be quite cumbersome and error prone to
write several dozens of FD files manually. Since the font definitions of
the MinionPro project are very regular we have created macros to
generate them. So each FD file just consists of two lines. E.g.,:


But these macros rely on the keyval package which currently is included
in a rather hackish way. Of course, if the expl packages are
incorporated into the LaTeX core then keyval would be unneeded.

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